Cell Phone Cameras are Great

With virtually everyone having a cell phone camera these days we’re able to catch extreme weather events like never before. The haboob (I know, funny name) that struck Phoenix last night has spread through social media like wildfire with people catching the dust storm on their blackberrys, droids, and iPhones.

The Hampden County tornado last month was documented by video better than any other New England tornado in history with videos from near and even inside the tornado popping up on YouTube within hours of the storm.

The proliferation of cell phone cameras also allows us to catch some people doing very stupid things. Here’s a video of a father who isn’t much of a parent after driving his kids into a tornado on purpose that I blogged about in April.

Other stupid people who do stupid things when drunk now have cell phone cameras to thank for capturing moments they probably don’t remember or would like to forget when sober. The drunk guy at Bill’s Seafood who did a back flip off the Singing Bridge this weekend is a perfect example. Two YouTube videos have surfaced of this guy in the days following his jump. Next time you plan on jumping off the Singing Bridge remember that the deck at Bill’s in the summer is always packed with people and chances are most of them have cell phone cameras.


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