Bridgeport Tornado – A Year Later

On June 24, 2010 around 2:30 I was stuck on the tarmac at Newark Airport waiting to fly to Seattle. There’s no worse place to be for a Connecticut meteorologist when a tornado is tearing through Bridgeport.

The storm wasn’t a classic supercell like we saw 3 weeks ago in Massachusetts. Like the Woodbury tornado 2 weeks ago and then Bethel/Newtown 2007 tornado this one was a quick spin up on the leading edge of a downburst/bow echo.

OKX 0.5º Base Reflectivity

The rotation was very difficult to see on radar yet the National Weather Service was still able to get a tornado warning out about 13 minutes before the touchdown. Very impressive!

The storm was only on the ground for 0.15 miles but did a substantial amount of damage near downtown and I-95.  The associated downburst resulted in widespread damage through eastern Bridgeport and the western portion of Stratford including a 78 mph wind gust at the KBDR ASOS.


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