Some Nasty Evening Storms Possible

No tornadoes tonight but some nasty storms in the Berkshires and near Albany are on their way south with strong instability acting as their fuel. Another elevated mixed layer overhead, coupled with high heat and moderate humidity near the surface, has our instability cranked.

The storms are capable of producing hail to golf balls (already been reported in New York) and 60 mph wind gusts. Lots of lightning too. One of the storms in New York near Coxsackie is producing large enough hail that the radar picked up a “hail spike”.

KENX 0.9 Degree Base Reflectivity

Hail spikes are also known as Three Body Scatter Spikes and occur when the radar beam is deflected off a large object (hail in this case) down to the earth and then back to the hail stone and to the radar. Because the route of energy takes extra time the radar thinks there is something occuring further away from the radar than is actually the case. The narrow blue line extending southeast of the thunderstorm is the hail spike in this case.


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