Huge Mill Fire in Woonsocket, RI Shows Up on Radar

This mill fire in Woonsocket, RI is sending billowing black smoke into the air filled with so much particulate that the National Weather Service doppler radar in Taunton, MA and Brookhaven, NY is picking it up.  You can see the source of the fire over downtown Woonsocket with the wind blowing it to the north and northeast.

BOX 1.5 Degree Base Reflectivity


3 thoughts on “Huge Mill Fire in Woonsocket, RI Shows Up on Radar

  1. Ryan,
    just found your blog tonight. I remember Hurricane Gloria! I’m from Guilford too. I was art director at the Shore Line Times in ’85 and walked to work to get the newspapers out. I drove my parents to a motel in Branford, since Mulberry Point had a suggested evactuation, then when I got home, my car battery died and I had to walk in the storm. I remember there wasn’t much to the storm after the eye. I still have a “I survived Hurricane Gloria” T-shirt the publisher had made up for the few of us that got the paper published. Good times, lol. Proud of you, a fellow Guifordite, and watch you at 11pm during the week. Best luck in the future!

  2. Hey Ryan,
    No. I escaped from Guilford… I made it all the way to Madison eight years ago, lol. But being the proverbial “starving artist” I’m a renter so I might just get back to Guilford one of these days.

    wowzah, quite the storm today! I can’t believe how fast the sky turned greenish/black. No damage around here though. I’m just about in the center of town. I think some transformers blew on the train tracks, but our power was OK. Glad this humidity is on its way out!

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