Tornado Through @ryanhanrahan

For posterity here are the tweets I was furiously tweeting as the tornado ripped across western Massachusetts.

  • Barnes AFB reports a funnel cloud. Strong storm with rotation heading toward Springfield.
  • KBAF 012024Z 30005KT 1 1/4SM R20/4500VP6000FT FC +TSRA BKN024 BKN030 OVC065 26/22 A2984
  • Springfield Mass take cover… . EXTREMELY violent storm moving in
  • Have no idea why there’s no tornado warning on that cell
  • Tornado warning technically now in effect for northern HFD, Tolland, and Windham Counties but I expect storm will stay north
  • @WMassStormChsrs Did it touch down? BAF reported just a funnel cloud
  • very strong rotation over downtown Sprinfield. No immediate threat to CT. Warning is out of an abundance of caution.
  • Police report a tornado on the ground in Westfield Mass!!!
  • Tornaod on the ground seemingly in SPRINGFIELD from WWLP
  • LIve stream from WWLP of large tornado on the ground
  • Storm passing north of Stafford now… does not appear to be deviating in track. Will miss CT.
  • WWLP showing live pics of houses without roofs in Springfield.
  • Wibraham, Holland, and Sturbridge take cover. This is a very serious and life threatening situation.
  • Areas south of the Mass Pike in Worcester County take shelter. If you are driving on 84 east toward Worcester delayer your plans
  • Storm heading into Worcester County JUST north of Woodstock looks even stronger. Extremely dangerous and life threatening situation.
  • HUGE debris ball on radar now JUST west of I-84 in Sturbridg
  • I can’t express the seriousness of the storm heading toward Sturbridge just south of Mass Pike near 84. Tornado ON THE GROUND
  • Wales, Holland, and Brimfield likely suffered serious damage with a huge debris ball on radar
  • Debris ball on radar indicates tornado has picked up parts of trees and houses thousands of feet in the air. Heading straight to Sturbridge.
  • Debris ball on Rt 20 in Brimfield and Fiskdale, MA.
  • Closer to home… hail likely in 2 CT cells. One near Clinton and another heading to Willimantic.
  • Tornado Warning still in effect for northern Windham County but tornado will miss to the north
  • Reports are sketchy from Brimfield/Monson/Sturbridge but this could have been very large and violent
  • Radar shows about as impressive of a debris ball as you can get
  • Tornado about to cross I-395 north of Thompson. If you are traveling in NE CT on 395… DO NOT venture into Mass
  • National Weather Service reports tornado touchdown on I-84 in Sturbridge.
  • Damage in Springfield looks pretty bad but I am fearful the damage east toward Sturbridge is going to be much worse.
  • Rotation finally appears to be weakening. This tornado could have been on the ground all the way from Westfield to Sturbridge
  • Hearing uncomfirmed reports from Boston stations of “tremendous damage” and houses “gone” in Monson, MA

2 thoughts on “Tornado Through @ryanhanrahan

  1. I have a 20 second clip on the tornando as it came through brimfield. Let me know if you’d like to see. It was so large and I was so close I only got 1/4 of it in view.

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