Significant Severe Weather Threat This Afternoon

A relatively high end severe weather threat appears to be developing across New England and portions of the Mid Atlantic. Extremely unstable air along the moderate wind shear has primed the region for storms capable of producing damaging wind, hail, and isolated tornadoes.

I expect storms in Connecticut between 2:30 and 8:00. Pay attention to any warnings. Storms that rotate will be capable of unusually large hail and tornadoes!


3 thoughts on “Significant Severe Weather Threat This Afternoon

  1. Looks like things materialized better north of the border up into central Maine, what happened in CT? Couple showers trying to get started but having a tough time so far.

  2. Can you post the high def radar mosiac of the Springfield to Monson storm path like the Tuscaloosa one earlier? You mentioned a debris ball. Had a relative lose all his trees, deck, shingles, and some windows/doors in Charlton MA yesterday.

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