An Above Average April

Lots of people have commented that spring is off to a slow start this year. I think many people would shocked to learn that this April has seen above normal temperatures. It has been a wet month with above normal rain which may lead to the perception of a gloomier month than usual.

Getting spring into Connecticut is always a challenge. Water temperatures in Long Island Sound start off near 40 degrees and by the end of the month warm to near 50 degrees. Any time the wind is out of the south (which most times of year is a warm direction) temperatures stay cool because of the chilly water temperatures. If you think Connecticut has it bad areas in eastern New England can be just brutal in April and early May.

We were spoiled the last 2 Aprils with warm weather. April 2010 was dry and was 5.8 degrees above normal with one day of 90 degree weather! April 2009 was 2 degrees above normal when a rather cool beginning of the month gave way to a monster warm up with a near heat wave during the last week of the month (2 days above 90 and 2 days in the upper 80s).

April 2011 will go down +1.3 for the month. Not nearly as nice as April 2010 but it could have been a whole lot worse!


One thought on “An Above Average April

  1. We are very lucky, the weather is so much worse in so many states. We had such a long winter we thought maybe a long spring…..

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