Storm on Schedule

A little burst of precipitation brought enough evaporational cooling to change rain to snow in southeastern Connecticut while the remainder of the state is seeing lighter precipitation and therefore rain. I’m not too surprised about that with this first little round.

Our models still are having trouble agreeing on the fine details but in general are in good agreement. The 18z NAM and GFS both close the mid level low centers off in time to keep Litchfield County (especially NW of Torrington) mainly snow.

In general most areas southeast of Hartford will see no snow accumulation. In the suburbs north and west of the city 1″-3″ of slushy accumulation is possible which includes the I-84 corridor near Waterbury and also most of northeastern Connecticut.  3″-6″ is likely in the higher elevations of Western Hartford County and southern Litchfield County with over 6″ of snow likely northwest of Torrington.

I would not at all be surprised to see virtually nothing in Hartford and a half foot of snow 20 miles away.

For most of us no big deal but for all of us a cold nasty Friday morning.


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