Isolated Major Flooding Continues

Up to 4.5″ of rain in western Connecticut combined with melting snow to produce localized major flooding. 95% of the state is dealing with mainly minor flood issues but the lower Housatonic River (south of New Milford) and the Pomperaug River in Southbury are experiencing major levels of flooding.

The last report from the Pomperaug River above Southbury (at 3:15 a.m.) was a level of 14.5 feet. The threshold for major flooding is 10 feet and the record is 21.8 feet. The second highest crest is 15.7 feet from September, 1975. I think the river has already crested above 16 feet.

The Housatonic River at Stevenson Dam will crest early this afternoon near 22 feet. The major flood threshold is 20 feet and the record crest is 24.5 feet from October 1955.

There is a low probability of another major rainstorm on Thursday and Friday. If the extreme solution verifies (not likely) with this storm more widespread and significant flooding is possible.


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