Welcome to Spring

Happy Meteorological Spring! Meteorologists like to use easy delineations for our seasons so for winter it’s December 1 through February 28.

This winter was remarkably consistent from beginning to end in terms of temperature. December’s average temperature was -2.3º, January’s -2.7º, and February -2.2º. In terms of snow January was an absolute blockbuster month as we all remember with over 4 feet of snow in the greater Hartford area.

As we move into early spring we are looking at a very “normal” March pattern at least through the next 7 to 10 days. We have some snow chances popping up but it looks like wet and windy rainstorms are more likely with temperatures near normal.

One issue to be concerned with is the potential for Spring flooding. Most of central and southern New England has an incredible amount of water-laden snow on the ground. Hopefully the melting will be gradual and not too fast or else we may have problems. In that regard in may be good for all of us to hope for a delayed spring warm-up and get rid of our snowpack slowly.


One thought on “Welcome to Spring

  1. What do you have for Saturday’s forecast at Mt. Snow? I’m seeing rain/drizzle on all the forecast sites.

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