Wintry Mix, Major Ice Storm Misses

A gross and slippery wintry mix will continue for most of the morning across the state. Along the shoreline temperatures are warming above freezing which will preclude additional ice accretion. Just inland, however, freezing rain will linger and that could cause sporadic damage and power outages.

I do not expect a major ice storm with widespread problems contrary to the hype you’re probably hearing on other TV stations from meteorologists and those who play meteorologists on TV. Drive safely and stay warm.


6 thoughts on “Wintry Mix, Major Ice Storm Misses

  1. I think your snow weight math is a little alarmist (to say the least). Check this link to a pdf on calculating snow weight.

    You just talked about your calculation of 6 inches of water which would result in a load of about 31 pounds per square foot assuming it was all water weight. Most roofs I’ve seen have no where near that amount of snow as it does melt over time or get blown off by the wind. People should be aware of the weight issue but I’ve heard way too much scare talk recently – just look at the number of people out buying roof rakes.

  2. You’re not exactly correct here. Most roofs with a pitch don’t have anywhere near the amount of weight as a flat roof with drifting and settling. There are some flat roofs with over 30″ of snow on the ground which contains anywhere from 4″ to 6″ of water equivalent.

  3. No matter the equasion as we have all seen the snow of the roofs is dangerous. Keep up the good work and now I’m curious who is “playing” Meterologist? Just think in 9-10 weeks this will all be behind us.

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