Big Storm Moves In

The long duration and major winter storm plaguing a large chunk of the country is on its way to Connecticut. An initial overrunning event will move into the state around daybreak Tuesday morning with 3″-6″ of snow likely in most spots. Slightly higher amounts are possible along the Massachusetts border and slightly lower amounts are possible along the Connecticut shoreline.

On Wednesday morning the more powerful low pressure will approach from the west. This storm looks like a mainly sleet and ice event for most of Connecticut with some snow at the onset for far northern Connecticut. Along the Massachusetts border an additional 3″-5″ of snow is possible before sleet moves in with 1″-3″ possible in the greater Hartford area. Further south the storm should begin as sleet and end as freezing rain. Ugh.

The good news here is that at this point I don’t think a major ice storm is likely. Generally you need 0.75″ of freezing rain to start bringing down numerous trees and powerlines. Unless the mid levels trend even warmer it looks like most areas will see a mixture of sleet and freezing rain which will limit ice accretion. If this was a purely freezing rain event I’d be more concerned.

Here’s the deal with total sleet and snowfall:

  • 8″-12″ far northern Connecticut of snow/sleet
  • 5″-8″ central Connecticut (including Hartford/Waterbury/Storrs)
  • 2-5″ coastal Connecticut

2 thoughts on “Big Storm Moves In

  1. bah humbug, I guess we have enough snow, but these weather events are so exciting, was looking forward to another big one, 3-6 inches seens like nothing!

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