Ice Today, Snow Friday

Another winter storm!!!

Today’s storm won’t be quite as disruptive as the last two. Snow and sleet has transitioned to freezing rain across Connecticut. Northerly and northeasterly winds are locking in low level cold while warm air has surged inland aloft. This is a recipe for freezing rain.

Most towns won’t see temperatures reach freezing today so expect ice to continue. Power outages are possible in some areas where ice buildup brings down trees and limbs. The storm looks relatively disorganized, however, so I’m not expecting enough freezing rain to fall and cause widespread problems. More sporadic problems are likely.

Some indications are growing for another major snowstorm on Friday. Too soon to get too specific. Hope to have more on this tonight. Keep in mind many areas will come close to record monthly snowfall if this storm is a big one.



3 thoughts on “Ice Today, Snow Friday

  1. Hi Ryan:
    It will be interesting to see how the evening commute will be. In Wallingford at noon, it is still raining (freezing) and 25 degrees. I hope the temperature rises to at least 33 degrees by 5 PM. I imagine some areas of Conn. will not go above freezing at all today.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. I remember watching the news last weekend—when the models weren’t showing the Friday storm anymore—but you left the snow in the forecast because , “every storm this year which tried to miss has hit”… good call. =)

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