12″-20″ Forecast Continues

I think most of the state will fall into the 12″-20″ range tonight and tomorrow. There will be some areas that get just shy of this (probably 9″-11″) but the majority of the state will see blockbuster (12″) snowfall totals.

The National Weather Service is going just bonkers with their snowfall forecast. I think this is on the high side but it gives you an idea of some potential amounts. 20″ totals are possible in some isolated areas but I expect totals in excess of 18″ to be the exception rather than the rule. In general 12″-16″ will be most common.


6 thoughts on “12″-20″ Forecast Continues

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  2. Anton said it right, Ryan is the only meteorologist I’d ever put some money on. With Ryan, it’s like playing roulette and betting on black in pre-technicolor world.

    • Thanks for the compliments… I really appreciate it.

      Hype-free turned out to bust a bit low on this one… but I’m sure it will work out for me for the rest of the season!


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