What’s With the Snow Days?

Courtesy WeatherTap

I’m not really sure what to make of all the schools who closed school today. In Fairfield County it makes sense. Southwestern Connecticut is seeing snow, some heavy, already. For New Haven and Hartford, however, steady snow won’t begin until this afternoon or evening! In eastern Connecticut it may not be until after 7:00 or 8:00.

Other states don’t close school for a couple inches of snow. The schools around metro Boston stay open all the time when 4″ or 6″ of snow is expected! Maybe the threat of lawsuits has superintendents scared of not closing school?

As for the storm itself the band of heavier snow is going to crawl east. It will take the better part of the day to work from Stamford (where it is now) to the greater Hartford region. When the snow does arrive it will snow quite hard for a couple hours.

2″-4″ looks likely for most of Connecticut with 4″+ in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties. Additional snow from a separate storm is possible Saturday night. More on that to come.


3 thoughts on “What’s With the Snow Days?

  1. Ryan,

    Great point. My sister is a teacher and she got the whole day off. Its now 1:15 pm and there has been no snow all day.

    – Peter

  2. We had a half day in new haven today, which worked out about right. The metro areas get nervous because of multi-district magnet school transportation/busing issues.

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