Blizzard Update – Sunday Midday

Everything is on track. Radar looks extremely impressive and we’re also seeing big winds and pressure falls off the North Carolina coast. Our 12z models ticked east just a bit and 9z SREFs show western Connecticut getting hit hardest.

With a slight east trend I think the threat for a mix or rain in southeast Connecticut is much lower now. I’m expecting 12″-18″ statewide. As mentioned before someone could see 20″-24″ it’s just too early to say where.

Wind is going to be a big issue. Expect sporadic power outages as this storm starts wrapping up along with unusually high snow drifts.


6 thoughts on “Blizzard Update – Sunday Midday

  1. Thanks for the updates, Ryan. Great blog, and the best forecasting in CT. Also, very educational, as I keep having to run to my research resources as you add meteorological ticklers…. 🙂

  2. just shoveled, a little sleet hurting my face and lots of wind. definitely a blizzard, a little worried about what the sleet may do to the snowfall totals. Although that does mean less shoveling!!

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