Game On – Major Snowstorm Threatens Connecticut

Every piece of model data now indicates a significant snow of greater than 6″. Most computer guidance indicates near blizzard conditions with blockbuster (>12″) snowfall totals. Still too early to lock any of this in but odds of a major snowstorm are increasing rapidly. The wind will be what sets this system apart from other storms that have dropped big snow if the storm tracks like the 00z Euro shows.

I’m not sure right now where the “jackpot” and blizzard conditions set up. Could be southeastern Massachusetts or it could be New Haven. Too early to say.

I haven’t seen a medium range model bust like this since March 2001. I guess this is my Christmas gift!

Sporadic updates through the weekend.  Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Game On – Major Snowstorm Threatens Connecticut

  1. Thanks for the update. With most of the models jumping to a solution like this so close to the start of the actual event, what is the likelihood of them shifting again?

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