Not much else to say about some of the latest computer model runs other than, “Wow!” The 00z Euro continues to show a major snowstorm/blizzard Sunday night 12/26 into Monday 12/27. Many other models are further southeast with a flatter jet stream pattern that doesn’t let the storm move far enough north.

Though the Euro has been slowly ticking southeast the 12z GFS appears to be ticking back northwest bringing blizzard conditions to Cape Cod and scraping southeastern Connecticut with significant snow.

Too early to say how this one will play out. Looks like there’s a decent chance, probably 40% or so, that we could be dealing with a big winter storm right after Christmas. If this does track in just the right spot this could really be a monster. The 12z GFS deepens the storm to 959mb just off Cape Cod!!!!!! That’s incredible!


5 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Are all of the elements setting up for a Miller type-A? could this move farther west than last week’s storm but still turn inward over Maine and close out for a few days?

  2. Ryan, What seems to be the problem with the computer models so far this season and last year? I never remember such back and forth a few years ago.
    Any thoughts?

  3. Greg,

    I think sometimes we need to step back and remember these “potential” storms are 5-7 days away. Modeling hasn’t been great this year but we’ve had some really strange jet stream setups which are always difficult for the models to handle.

    Once we get to 72-84 hours out we should have a much better idea.

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