It’s a Miss

Can’t say much more other than this storm being a total fail for our computer models. The Euro was insisting the storm would miss until a hiccup at 12z Thursday when it absolutely pummeled southern New England with a blizzard. Our other models were flopping between hit and miss but have now converged on a total flop of a storm.

Some light accumulations are possible, maybe a couple of inches, if the storm pulls back west. The blockbuster storm is off the table.

Now you have no excuse to not have all your Christmas shopping done!


13 thoughts on “It’s a Miss

  1. Too bad the computer models don’t know that climatologically a big snowstorm is a rarity on the East Coast.

    On another note…Florida seems to really be cooking…they are 70 F right now in most of the southern half of Florida. Miami could crack 80 F today. Nice to know somewhere on the East Coast is nice and warm.

  2. Well…have to find something else to do on Sunday…maybe Tom Brady and the Pats lose since there will be no snow-assistance…

  3. Yes, but much of New Haven and New London County averages only one or two 5 inch snowstorms each winter. You can spin it either way. Also, according to the NWS Boston…the Hartford area averages only 44.8 inches of snow. I would assume that the National Weather Service data is pretty accurate:

    That’s the problem…the East Coast from the Tri-State area south just has too many things working against it to get a big snow most of the time (a warm ocean, latitude, low must be in just the right position, fleeting cold…etc). A big snow on the East Coast is a once in ten year event or so. We are not not the Intermountian West/Midwest/Great Lakes/Upper New England where there is always a ton of chances for snow. Snow is just so fleeting on the East Coast.

    Anyway…I think it’s another old fashioned green East Coast Christmas (lol).

    • Not sure how much hype there was. I said it looked like 50-50 shot of a snowstorm. Obviously it’s not going to work out but I certainly didn’t think this storm was a certainty (or even likely) by any means.

  4. Ryan – you know it and some don’t (JC)….meteorology is stuck between theory and prediction….always and forever….opens the door for closet experts

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