Today’s high at Bradley? 26! Impressive for sure and a full 15 degrees below normal. Tonight will feature temperatures in the single digits across most of Connecticut though the shoreline and cities will be stuck between 10 and 15 degrees.

So far December is about 2 degrees below normal and we won’t see a warm up until Sunday. The warming will be brief with a return to much below normal temperatures by late Monday.

We may see some snow late Friday night but at this point only minimal (if any) accumulation is expected. No big storms are expected in the next 7 days but there are some chances for light snow.


3 thoughts on “Cold!

  1. Cold?

    Many folks I’ve come into contact with who study climate/weather always seem to tell me that much about the weather is relative. This seems so true here in the United States: A cold night in northern Minnesota is -45 F…a cold night in southeast in Virginia is 25 F… a cold night in southern California is below 50 F…and they get the jackets out in Miami when the temp falls below 60F . Is it all realative?

    Extreme cold in the USA is centered in the interior and high elevation Western states. So I looked to see what are the coldest of the cold in the USA: Here are the 10 coldest temperatures ever recorded in the lower 48 in the last 150 years or so.

    1. Rogers Pass, Montana …-70 F
    2. Peters Sink, Utah…-69 F
    3. Moran, Wyoming…-63 F
    4. Maybell, Colorado…-61 F
    5. Tower, Minnesota…-60 F
    6. Parshall, North Dakota…-60 F
    7. Island Park Dam, South Dakota…- 60 F
    8. Mcintosh, South Dakota…-58 F
    9. Couderay, Wisconsin…-55 F
    10. Seneca, Oregon….-54 F

    At times in places like Tower, Minnesota…the combination of extreme low temperatures (-20 or -30 F) and a northern Plains blizzard…and can produce wind chills to –50 F (50 below zero). Yet, that is quite “balmy” when one considers what inhabits of Siberia endure in winter. The coldest “city” on earth is Verkoyansk in Russia’s far east. The normal mean temperature in January is – 58 F (58 below zero)…the “highs” are in the -48 F range, while the overnight lows are around –63 F. Frequently in winter… Verkhoyansk has wind chills around -90 F !. Still, those temps are “warm”compared to Vostok, Antarctica. Vostok routinely experiences still (non- wind chill) temperatures of – 90 F. Lows of -100 F have been recorded many times…. while the extreme low is –129 F. At times the wind chill is estimated at -140 F (140 F below zero) in winter.

    …and to think we wimps on the East Coast complain when a few times a year, the overnight temps fall into the teens or single numbers for a few hours (lol)

  2. Well that was a long winded response to something pretty obvious! Of course it’s relative! Look at the panic subfreezing weather will cause in Miami!

    It does look like December will be negative. Possibly substantially so. The last below normal month was December 2009.

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