Nasty Storm to Start Meteorological Winter

A real nasty squall line across Pennsylvania and New York is moving northeast and will approach Connecticut by 3 p.m. or so.  In addition a strong southerly gradient is producing winds of 30-40 mph across the state.

Periods of heavy rain are likely through late this afternoon with wind gusts that could exceed 60 mph as the squall line and cold front move through. These squall lines aren’t like the ones you see in the summer – this time of year they’re also known as Narrow Cold Frontal Rain Bands. When these are strong enough winds from aloft can get mixed down to the surface and produce localized damage.

Behind this storm winter moves in with much colder temperatures in what looks like a much below average start to December.  Here’s today’s 12z GFS with 30s for highs in the forecast from Sunday straight on through next week.


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