An Interesting Start to Meteorological Winter

Meteorologists are pretty simple. We changed the seasons for our own purposes to fit nicely into calendar months. Meteorological winter starts December 1st and lasts through February 28th. Right on schedule our computer models are not only showing a surge of below normal temperatures but also the chance for a snowstorm.

By Friday temperatures will struggle out of the 30s in Connecticut and stay in the 20s across the mountains in northern New England. This cold punch will stick around through at least Monday or Tuesday (great snowmaking weather!). In addition some models, particularly the 12z Euro, are showing the potential for a rather significant snowstorm somewhere in the northeast.

This is the 12z Euro valid Monday morning at 7 a.m. If this solution verified heavy snow and strong winds would be occurring across most of New England. This scenario is the most extreme right now with most models showing a much tamer storm and some showing no storm at all.

Given a strong -NAO, plenty of cold air, and an active northern jet stream I wouldn’t be shocked to see some snow event develop in the northeast either this weekend or early next week. Odds of anything significant are still very low but this is something to watch nonetheless.


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