Winter’s Around the Corner

It’s been a slow start to the ski season across New England with a period of unseasonably warm weather. Though it was cold early in November our negative temperature departures have reversed and this weekend was just fantastic for anything other than a snow gun.

There are big signs, however, that we are making a move toward a much cooler and more wintry pattern by the end of next week which will be great for skiers and riders.

By Thursday and Friday a surge of cold air will come down from the north including the potential for some upslope snow across the Green Mountains, particularly in northern Vermont. Temperatures should be cold enough for good snow making from the Berkshires on north Thursday (11/19) through the weekend.  Though our models are showing a brief warmup early Thanksgiving week the general weather pattern is changing toward much cooler and maybe even downright cold by Thanksgiving itself.

Here’s why:

A huge ridge of high pressure is forecast to develop by next Saturday (11/20) over Alaska and the north Pacific (opposite of our current pattern with a low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska) and a reversal of the EPO along with a ridge over Greenland. The high pressure over Greenland (warm colors mean higher 500mb heights) is the prized -NAO or negative North Atlantic Oscillation. This should promote a colder than normal and potentially stormy (snowy?) weather pattern around Thanksgiving. Thankfully the -NAO appears to want to stick around which should keep most of New England below normal around and after Turkey Day with the potential for snow.



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