Retro Nor’easter

Last night I saw our models hint that the storm off to our east was going to back toward us for some early week fun. Though it looks too warm for snow (it is close, though) a period of heavy rain and wind is quite likely. In fact we could have some pretty substantial wind and rain if some of the overnight computer models are correct.

Here’s the 12z NAM which has a very impressive low (sub 988mb) backing in from off the Ocean to south of Long Island. This would likely produce coastal flooding in eastern New England (offshore winds would save the Connecticut shore) and locally very heavy rain to our north. We’ll have to watch and see how the models handle this retrograding low in the coming days. Pretty interesting stuff!


One thought on “Retro Nor’easter

  1. Suddenly, 988mb doesn't sound so impressive, compared to the 955mb megabomb of last week! =PGotta give you major credit though Ryan, as none of the other local TV stations last night even mentioned the possibility of a storm on Monday…

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