Warmest July on Record?

Not in Bridgeport, at least. The average temperature for the month at BDR has slipped to 78.3º or 0.1º shy of the record in 1994. With tomorrow expected to be below average there is no chance that Bridgeport will beat the record.

At Windsor Locks, however, it appears likely the record for warmest month ever will be tied. Through July 30 the average temperature at BDL for July 2010 is exactly 77.4º. I’m currently forecasting a low of 55º and high of 81º at Bradley for Saturday, July 31st. This is below average and will shave several tenths off the monthly departure. This will give a monthly mean of 77.1º which would tie the all time warmest month record set in July 1994.

The only way we could break the record would be to have tomorrow morning’s low temperature wind up near 60º. If winds stay up or some high clouds roll in it’s possible BDL doesn’t radiate well enough to drop fast enough. We’ll see what happens here but at this point a tie seems likely which is still very impressive!


One thought on “Warmest July on Record?

  1. Well, it's after 1AM, and the temp at Bradley has been a steady 66º since 10PM. There appears to be a few clouds and some light wind out there, so if this continues, maybe we still have a chance at breaking the record? =)

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