Extreme July Heat

So far July has averaged 4.4º above average which is just remarkable for a summer month!

That 4.4 degree anomaly makes this July (so far) the warmest on record at Bradley Airport. In fact the old record is only +3.4º set back in 1994.

Temperatures will be cooler this week than it’s been so we’ll start chipping away at that departure. Still, I see no reason to think we won’t break the record because it appears we’ll only have 2 solid days of below normal temperatures later this month (Friday and Saturday).

July 2010 has also featured 13 days where the temperature exceeded 90º. The record for 90º days in July is 16 days set in 1966 and 1955. I think we will fall short though we may come close to tying.

As for a July that was below normal you only have to go back 1 year to July 2009 when we had a departure of 3.6 degrees in the minus column. Doesn’t that sound nice right now?



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