Viewer Mail… Take 2

Here’s an email sent in this evening by an angry viewer…

Your Sunday forecast was for ‘mostly cloudy with downpours’ high near 80. It was a clear day with a high temp near 90! how can you be SO WRONG? wow. sad. You were a full ten degrees off.

The viewer is half right and half wrong about this one. Saturday night I said I expected “isolated downpours” and that “most of the day would be dry” and “most of the state won’t even see a downpour”. In fact I said all of the above so many times I thought that I sounded like a broken record.

Unfortunately, people hear what they want to hear so instead of isolated downpours my forecast became to this person “all day downpours”. You really can’t win in this business. Perception of the forecast trumps what you actually say.

That said, the viewer was correct about the temperature forecast and the amount of sunshine. Even with a lot of moisture our models overdid the cloudiness and moisture today. There was certainly more sun than expected and temperatures responded by warming an extra 5º or 10º. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong and this part of the forecast was wrong.

I can’t get it right all the time but if people actually listened Saturday I would have been 50% wrong and not 100% wrong.


6 thoughts on “Viewer Mail… Take 2

  1. I agree people do hear what they want. I heard your forecast and understood what you were saying. The temps forecast was a little bit off, that did't seem to be a big deal to me though.

  2. People just don't realize that it's impossible to nail a forecast 100% all the time.You're the best meteorologist I know at explaining things though Ryan, so thanks, I gotta give you major props for that…

  3. Most of the time the emails we get are positive. There are a couple of exceptions to that.1) A busted snowstorm forecast. We probably received 100+ emails about that forecast debacle.2) Severe weather coverage preempting a favorite show. Had about a dozen last year for covering a Stanley Cup playoff game with a tornado warning.3) Bad weekend forecasts in the summer. Moving Sally's 8th birthday party from Saturday to Sunday can send people right over the edge.

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