We Need Rain (But Not That Badly)

It’s getting pretty dry out there. Lawns everywhere (the ones that don’t get watered) are turning brown awfully early this summer. Short term drought indexes are beginning to tick up and show how dry we’ve been recently.

The orange and yellow shading on this drought composite map shows we’re in the 10th to 30th percentile. Although some towns have had water restrictions recently, from what I can tell most of that is due to pressure issues because of high demand (i.e. Aquarion).

The Connecticut Department of Public Health tracks reservoir levels and thanks to very wet weather through April of this year (remember the flooding?) reservoirs through May were near or over capacity. Here’s the last year courtesy of the DPH and you can see that since May 2009 reservoir levels have exceeded historical averages. With that in mind, even if the current dry streak continues for another month or two, I doubt the main water suppliers (Aquarion or MDC) would have problems. Some of towns with a limited water supply to begin with may start to feel impacts as their water supplies are much smaller and respond faster to sudden periods of wet or dry weather.



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