The Heat is On

We missed 90º today by one degree which should keep this upcoming heat wave out of the record books. In the last 50 years there have been only 5 heat waves that lasted for 8 days or more. There have been numerous heat waves with durations of 7 days or less.

It appears like a good bet Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will see temperatures >90º. Friday and Saturday will come close as well, though this is a bit more uncertain.

There are a few things to watch out for over the coming days:

  • Will showers/thunderstorms over northern New England/southern Canada bring enough cloudiness into Connecticut to temper the heat?
  • Will winds stay westerly long enough to produce enough downsloping for an extra “push” of warmth?
  • How humid will it get? Will this remain a relatively “dry heat” long enough to prevent problems?
  • Will the mega ridge build in sufficiently over southern New England early this week or will weakness on the northeast corner of the ridge keep the biggest heat south?

At least through Monday the heat should be “dry” but I do expect the humidity to ramp up by Tuesday and Wednesday. Whether we stay sunny enough to truly torch we’ll see. Here’s my forecast for the next 7 days at BDL:

  • Sunday: 93º
  • Monday: 95º
  • Tuesday: 98º
  • Wednesday: 95º
  • Thursday: 94º
  • Friday: 91º
  • Saturday: 90º

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