90 Degree Days

Today may be our 7th 90º day so far this year. The average number of 90º days in a year is 18 and so far we are ahead of schedule. The record for most 90º days in a year is 38 set in 1983.

This is the 7 day forecast I am using this morning. It’s not a sure bet we hit 90º today, it’s possible we stay at 88º or 89º, but you get the point that it’s getting hot! At this point I’m forecasting 5 or 6 straight 90º degree days which is an impressive heat wave, though not record breaking.

Here’s a bit of heat wave history (unofficial):

  • Longest heat wave at BDL – 10 days from July 24, 1995-August 2, 1995
  • Most extreme heat wave at BDL – 8 days from July 16,1991 – July 23, 1991 with temperatures of 100º, 100º, and 101º during the peak.
  • Last 100º day – August 2, 2006

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