The Heat Returns

June has been a bit of a temperature roller coaster. The first week of June was quite warm with the first 6 days averaging 8.7º above normal! The second week of June, however, was quite cool with June 7th-13th averaging 4.7º below normal.

We’re going to turn things around by Friday and the weekend once again with a big ridge of warmth moving in.

The 12z GFS shows 850 temperatures of +18c by Saturday which, given enough sun and offshore winds, should easily translate to 90º weather. Other models, including the Euro and Canadian, indicate similar warmth for Saturday so 90º is a pretty good bet. I forecasted 91º during tonight’s newscasts.

It’s possible things could get even warmer if a stronger downslope wind flow develops and 850 temperatures warm a bit more (the 18z GFS shows temps approaching +20c).

We could get pretty active in terms of severe weather Sunday through Tuesday depending on how things develop… something to watch.

And what about that tropical wave in the Atlantic? The damn thing didn’t want to do much and just couldn’t get its act together. It came very close to depression status but couldn’t seem to sustain convection near the center. Shear eventually led to the storm’s demise.



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