It’s Been 25 Years!

1985… I don’t even remember the storm (sorry to brag!)… but Gloria was the last hurricane to make landfall in Connecticut. It was a weak hurricane with winds of 75 mph (Bridgeport did record sustained hurricane force winds with a gust over 90 mph) but by and large the state dodged a bullet with just strong tropical storm conditions.

Here’s a trip down memory lane for those old enough to remember.

Video courtesy of WTNH. Gotta love the old “Move Closer to Your World” theme music!

Here’s another video clip from WVIT that I dubbed off a couple years ago. The theme music definitely isn’t as dramatic.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been 25 Years!

  1. Gloria prompted evacuations of some parts of LI. My parents didn't want to go to the shelter site, I think it was because they had a 1 year old. Interestingly enough…I have a satellite image of Gloria as my desktop BG at the station. I'm hoping it will bring me live shot opportunities.

  2. I found my way here from Geoff Fox's blog, and I wanted to thank you for all of the archival video clips you've posted. It brings back lots of memories from when I lived in southeastern Connecticut. Gloria put a bit of a crimp in my plans that weekend, as it hit on the weekend of my birthday!

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