Snowstorm Update

…Heavy, Wet Snow Continues This Morning in Litchfield County…

Finally, a forecast this winter that’s going according to plan! Snow continues in Litchfield County above 600 feet with amounts ranging already from 6-10″ with some areas probably already above that. Some warm layers just above the surface along with mild temperatures near the ground have changed the rest of the state over to sleet and rain.

Hartford picked up about an inch total from the storm while West Hartford had 2″ and areas just northwest in Canton/Simsbury had about 4″ or 5″. In the hills where the warmth has held off, the snow should continue though it may start mixing with sleet and rain. Many towns, especially around 1000 feet, will come close to a foot of snow.

As for storm 2… didn’t really expect much from it and it looks like we’re getting ready for a big rainstorm on Thursday/Friday. Snow lovers in northern CT (especially around Hartford) are going to miss out on yet another storm.



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