Light Snow Event on the Way

Radar doesn’t look awfully impressive tonight but it does appear that there’s enough moisture moving north across Delaware and New Jersey to produce a quick inch or two of snow tonight.

There could be some light snow between 9pm and midnight with a briefly heavier burst between midnight and 4 a.m. Most of the snow will be out of here in time for the morning rush hour.
A big dry slot will move across southern New England after 7 a.m. so expect a break in the action during most of the morning. Northern Connecticut may pick up an additional 1″-3″ spread out through the day/evening as some moisture works around a developing, offshore mid level low. The best chance for this will be in the hills, the Connecticut Valley may have a tough time getting much accumulation during the day.
Here’s the bottom line
  • 1″-2″ of snow along the CT Shoreline (almost all falls before 7 a.m.)
  • 2″-4″ across the interior with a spot 5″ amount in northeast CT (2 waves of snow… one before 7 a.m. and another lighter but longer duration snow after noon)

9 thoughts on “Light Snow Event on the Way

  1. Ryan,I genuinely have nothing but respect for you, your job and your open and honest blog. But my question is – – how and why are the snow forecasts always so far off? You had to apologize for the last big storm because it fizzled. Now this one is already wrong in the other direction. I live in East Haven and woke up to 4" of snow on the ground and have heard that another 2" has fallen since noon. I certainly wouldn't want your job – – and maybe you should talk to the viewers during your next broadcast about why things are so darned unpredictable. I think your apology on your blog only increased your credibility (and certainly made me respect you and your job a lot more). Take it a step further, don't dumb it down for the viewers and tell us the real deal about why things fluctuate so much.I mean – – when I watched Brad Field last night, the map he put up showed 1" or less of snow (mixing with rain) along the shoreline. Now we've got 6"+ on the ground in East Haven. What gives???I hope that you take this comment the way it was intended. I don't mean to insult (which I'm sure you guys get plenty of) and I just think you need to explain these things to your viewers. It will only make us respect you more.Regards,Christopher

  2. I concur, it didn't end by the AM rush (it was snowing moderately at rush time) and this PM snow that will have a "tough time accumulating" has already reached 5 inches here in the New Britain area.Lighter snow for the PM? It's coming down quite hard now, roads are covered and its accumulating quickly.I make my cash from snow plowing the University, so I'm liking the added white gold today..but would have liked to have been a little more prepared.Mike TorinoNew Britain, CT

  3. "a spot 5 inch amount in eastern CT"5" exactly here in Tolland…so at least that turned out to be right on the money Ryan!Most people don't realize that it's next to impossible to know exactly where the heavy bands of snow will set up ahead of time…and close to the shoreline, 2 or 3 degrees can make the difference between 8" of snow, or 1" of slush.I think the NWS decided to dismiss the Euro an outlier…but the Euro has been the most consistent of all the models this winter.At least all the local news teams were way off on amounts, so all I can say is that it's been an incredibly tough week to be a meteorologist!

  4. Chris & Mike,After last week's blizzard failed to materialize just about everyone was pretty hesitant to forecast a big storm. In fact the vast majority of our computer models had less than 3" of snow forecasted for most of Connecticut. There was one model that consistently showed a decent 4"-8" hit of snow (the Euro) and in retrospect that's what we should have gone with. It's been a tough winter for meteorologists… we've just screwed up a lot with some very tough forecasts that just didn't break our way.

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