Surprise! Unexpected Snow Blankets the State

Didn’t see this one coming! An area of “lift” out ahead of a strong cold front interacted with what’s called a “jet streak” to produce a band of heavy snow that blossomed over Connecticut this morning.

I’ve seen reports of as much as 4″ of snow in the Naugatuck Valley and Fairfield County, 2″-3″ around New Haven, and 1″-2″ around Hartford. It’s not a lot of snow but it’s enough to cause big problems when it catches the DOT and school districts by surprise.
It’s not done yet, especially in the hills. A snow squall associated with an Arctic cold front now in eastern New York is heading this way. This is something that could put down a quick inch of snow in some towns, particularly in the Litchfield Hills. It should roll through between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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