Sushi Tuesday!!!

I’m not a very eclectic eater. In fact I’m pretty pick with mu culinary choices (probably a result of my uber-picky parents).

Today, as part of the “Green is Universal” series I do at work, I got the chance to visit Miya’s Sushi in New Haven. Miya’s is one of the first sushi restaurants in the country to serve only “sustainable” sushi. No blue fin tuna or red snapper on this menu (which was fine by me). All of the fish served is either plentiful in the ocean, a lot of it is local, and many sushi choices are vegetarian.
Bun Lai, the head chef, met us at the restaurant. I was blunt and told him that I really hated sushi though I had tried it before. Bun told me not to worry since I would love his creations. Boy was he was right.
I’ve tried sushi probably 5 or 6 times and have hated it every time except for today. The menu items were phenomenal. Whether it was tuna or shrimp or mangos or potatoes it was all delicious. It most certainly was eclectic and was truly a fabulous unique experience.
I’m a sushi convert. I’ll be there again soon.

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