What a Lame Cold Snap

Have New Englanders forgotten how to be New Englanders? I’ve heard some complaining about how cold it is this weekend. Climatology for the reality check!

At Bradley Airport the average temperature for the day was 5 degrees below normal. The low this morning was 15º, while the record was -9º. Windsor Locks has been below freezing for 2 full days now. In 2005 (ending on January 29th) it was below freezing for 15 consecutive days and the record is 19 consecutive days in December of 1989.

The coldest temperature ever recorded at Bradley was -26º (or 41º colder than it was this morning) on January 22, 1961. In fact for a 4 day stretch in 1961 temperatures were at -10ºF or lower (-13, -26, -19, -19). Twice afternoon high temperatures didn’t exceed 0º (in 1943 and 1918).

Florida is getting a real significant cold snap, but for us here in Connecticut, this is normal for winter.


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