Howling Winds for Saturday

The weather service posted a High Wind Warning for north central and northeastern Connecticut through midday today. This is probably overdone (the criteria is winds >58 mph) but even though most of us will fall short of the “warning” threshold it’s still going to be damn windy today.

The strongest pressure rises and strongest pressure gradient have passed us to the north but as the atmosphere becomes better mixed in the boundary layer, momentum transport will improve. These two factors will essentially “offset” one another so I expect wind gusts in the 30-40 mph range and occasionally between 40-50 mph to continue through early afternoon. Some of the ridge tops and exposed areas may briefly gust to 55 mph.

So far most wind gusts have been under 40 mph with the exception of a 40 knot wind gusts at BDL and a 44 knot wind gust at MMK at 10:30 this morning.

After peaking at 7,000 customers in the dark earlier, CL&P reports power outages have fallen some to 4,000 customers. Still, some isolated power outages are likely later today.

Enjoy your Saturday!



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