A White Black Friday?

Quick update here for some of the new data I’m looking at this afternoon. The 12z Euro develops a major storm (sub 980mb in western Maine) by Friday afternoon which is similar to what the models had yesterday but much further east. Some of our other computers had shown a strong storm as I mentioned yesterday but were trending west with it (which would be warmer/wetter). It appears today that the trend last nighta nd today is a sizable one offshore and that makes big snow a possibility in the Adirondacks and Green/White Mountains with some snow a possibility in southern New England.

Here in Connecticut the Euro shows a substantial cold conveyorbelt snow event on Friday (maybe a couple inches) statewide. This seems overdone to me with the storm being overphased and too strong but I feel like Friday night/Saturday morning will be sharply colder, quite windy (50 mph?), with some snow possible. Whether or not we see accumulation remains to be seen. We’ll have to see what the shortwave in question wants to do.

The 12z GFS and GGEM both have some snow in here late Friday or early Saturday. Now that the shortwave is onshore in British Columbia (and not over the data sparse Pacific) the model runs should begin to converge on a solution.

I’ll keep you posted.



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